Blogs about Writing Craft and Publishing Industry:

Writer Unboxed is a site for genre fiction. A team of talented novelists and freelance writers work together there to interview various writers, write about the craft, the publishing industry. Extremely informative and professional! A must read for aspiring writers.

Miss Snark’s First Victim Hosted by the anonymous authoress, a passionate aspiring writer. She holds regular first page contests for fiction on her blog, and invite Secret Agents to judge the competition. It is an excellent opportunity for novel writers to share their experience and receive professional feedback.

Query Tracker Blog Hosted by a group of passionate aspiring/published writers. A close partner with Query Tracker. Include information about the publishing industry, query and submission process, as well as various contest news.

Quill Blog Written by Quill & Quire, the magazine for the Canadian publishing industry. Has updated news on the publishing industry, plus detailed book reviews for adult and children’s fiction.

Blogs by Professional Writers and Literary Agents:

Paulo Coelho’s Blog This is where the famous international best-selling author post inspirational pictures and quotes. He writes many inspiring short fiction for the site, and often encourage discussion about philosophical and controversal topics.

Mindless Musing I met Elana through the forum at Agent Query, and she was the one whose blogs encouraged me to start my own. Now a successfully published fantasy/science fiction writer, she records her journey to publication with overwhelming enthusiasm and humor.

Nathan Bransford A well known literary agent blogs about the publishing industry from the view of an insider professional. He also writes many entertaining and informative articles on the query process.

Rachelle Gardner This literary agent blogs regularly about common problems experienced in writing life, such as finding inspiration and how to beat writer’s block. She also share personal stories about her work representing clients.

Blogs by Aspiring Writers:

Somewhere Nowhere In My Kingdom My writer friend and informal critique partner, Kim Tsan, has just started a personal blog to share her dark fantasy fiction. She is aspiring teen writer just like me, so check out her site!

Girl With A Notebook I begin reading this blog because the writer kindly commented on my own blog. She works very hard to face the challenge of the writing life and her honest writing touched me deeply.